About this project

Why are we doing this project?

We have managed Britannia Village Hall, and provided community services there, since 2007. The Foundation has long considered the current Hall building unfit for purpose. This is because:

  • The poor quality of the existing building: Cheaply built, unwelcoming, hard to heat and improve, the configuration of the spaces make it hard to make best use of the space and provide dedicated space for the nursery.
  • Changing local facilities: In 2019, in partnership with Ballymore, we took on the management of Royal Wharf Community Dock, providing a wide range of community activities. We are also working in partnership with Royal Wharf Primary School and Oasis Academy Silvertown to make facilities in their new school buildings available to residents in the evenings and at weekends. These will provide state of the art facilities including three large halls. More space will be provided at Silvertown Quays and Thameside West. If we do nothing then the Hall will be left behind and will not be sustainable.
  • Changing needs of the community: Our survey has shown that many local people would like better local facilities. Many also want to stay in the area, but cannot find the right kind of housing.

We have looked at refurbishment in the past, and have concluded that the best chance of securing our aims is full redevelopment.

What’s our vision?

We want to create a beautiful, flexible, long-lasting and inclusive new centre and affordable homes at the heart of our proud community.

Our emerging aims include: