Drop-in Engagement: 25th April 2022

  • The purpose of this event was to update residents and users on the current state of the project, getting further input and feedback on the proposals to feed into the next stage of the design (RIBA 2) and recruit new members of the development advisory panel given that some others have moved on since the last event in 2021
  • WSF organised a drop-in event in the foyer of BV Hall between 1600 and 1900 in order to maximise the chance of talking with users of the after-school club and nursery
  • The event was advertised on WSF social media, e-newsletter and with posters in and outside Britannia Village hall and Royal Wharf Community Dock.
  • 24 households attended and were recorded, with an estimated 60-70 people being directly spoken with. A number of other households attended briefly but were not able to stay to discuss the project due to other commitments.
  • WSF staff talked each person through the boards below and asked open questions about how they felt about the project, were there any concerns or questions and checked if they would like to be involved or receive further information
  • Learnings:
    • The event was well attended with an almost constant stream of residents wishing to discuss the project. The location and set-up was good, and the event fulfilled it’s objectives. Perhaps next time a second event might have been helpful at a different time and have some material to take away for those who couldn’t do that time as well as doing a leaflet drop.
    • There was widespread support for the principle of doing the project and people understood that we needed to change the project to achieve greater position of viability including the change in mix of affordable housing and increase in homes. Biggest fear was that the community centre and or nursery was going to be moving away.
    • Positive feedback was gained from the aspiration to create a new green space as part of the project, that the proposed new building lines were more ‘in line’ with existing buildings, and the move to re-integrate the nursery space adjacent to the community space.
    • Some concerns were raised around ensuring that the northern part of the site ‘fitted in’ with the wider Village design code, the height and visual impact of the 5-storey SW building, and concerns about impact on parking (particularly given apparent thriving market in residents’ parking permits. Concerns of nearby neighbours around construction.

A copy of the slides can be found here