Britannia Village Development- Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to the existing centre user groups and nursery?

The existing user groups and Tiny Town are at the core of what the Foundation is about. If redevelopment takes place, then we will work with each group and our partners to find them alternative accommodation in the locality if temporary relocation is required. We will also be exploring the opportunity for a phased development (e.g. Building on the car park or play area first).

Why are you looking to build new homes when so many are already being built in the area?

We are looking to build new homes for two reasons: Firstly even with all the new homes Newham is in the midst of a major housing crisis with a lack of homes particularly for those who cannot afford full market sales values and rents. Alongside thousands of people on waiting lists and in temporary accommodation, key workers such as teachers simply can’t afford to live in our community. Part of having a sustainable community is having a good mix of different homes which we can provide on our land. Secondly the investment in the new community provision will need to be funded. Although we will maximise income from fundraising, there will be a difference between what we can realistically raise and the cost of the new facilities. Sales income from homes will allow us to bridge this gap.

Why are we considering music studios as part of the new scheme?

We are keen to explore inclusive opportunities for young people from local schools and youth clubs that help develop their creative skills, confidence and employability. This is one idea to support this aim, although there may be others. No decisions have been made on whether this will be included.

Who will pay for the project?

We expect the project will cost in the region of £20m. This will be funded by a mixture of grants, fundraising and sales of some of the new homes.

Is this just a money-making project for the Foundation?

The project is not expected to make a surplus. We will need to sell some homes to fund new community space and to deliver affordable housing to benefit local people in West Silvertown.

What sort of homes will you build?

No decisions have been made yet. We will develop the mix of new homes based on the Housing Needs Survey of local people, planning policy, design work, co-design and financial viability.

What will be the impact on neighbours?

We will develop a high-quality design that will complement surrounding homes whilst making best use of precious land. We will minimise the parking requirements for the new building and new homes are likely to be car free. If we proceed, we will develop a detailed construction management plan to minimise impact on our neighbours. We are committed to regular and transparent communications with all those affected.

How can I apply to buy or rent one of the new homes?

We aren’t at that stage of the process yet. You can help inform our decisions by completing the survey HERE. This survey also allows you to sign up to our development mailing list, and join a steering group of local residents who will contribute to our plans. The survey takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

Who will be the landlord of the new homes?

No decisions have been made yet. This will depend on the tenure of the new homes and whether there is a local desire to establish a Community Land Trust.

Is this project definitely going to happen?

Given the condition of the current Village Hall, doing nothing is not an option. Our board is committed to securing a better long term provision for the community and at the present time we remain confident that the project will proceed. However with a major and complex project, there are a number of important hurdles to overcome. It will need to best meet community needs as well as be financially viable. We will need to get planning consent and agreement from the GLA and other interest. We will keep you informed throughout.

How are decisions going to be made?

The Foundation is committed to a genuine co-design process with the local community and stakeholders throughout the project. This will mean that there is a real ability for local people to shape the plans. Our board will make the ultimate decisions on whether and how to proceed.

How can I find out more?

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You can contact us at development@wsfroyaldocks.org if you have any further queries. If you’d like to have a conversation with one of our team, we’d be happy to arrange a phone or video call.