Footprint Workshop

This meeting was attended by stakeholders and community representatives online on 20th April 2021.

The Igloo footprint ( is a system for pushing projects to maximise their positive impact for people, place and planet.

We want the BV Hall project to achieve the best possible results for the community, local neighbourhood and wider environment. This includes the quality of streets and public spaces, energy efficiency, urban greenery and the atmosphere and welcome the project will give. Footprint uses six dimensions and we set objectives for each – the first workshop was about exploring what matters and we’ll be having a follow-up workshop later in the year to set objectives.

Each participant was asked to bring along and discuss three inspiring images that might indicate who might use the centre in the future, an inspiring image that demonstrates the qualities of place that we are looking to achieve and how the redevelopment might address climate emergency.

These were used to develop a series of words that were then categorised and grouped, to get a sense of the overall priorities of the group. This is represented in the image below.