Project timeline

We want to hear from you at each stage, so see our community participation pages on events so far and how to get involved.

Redevelopment Update – We are currently working on providing background information to various parties to help us progress with the redevelopment and will update you further as soon as we have more news.

The high level timeline is below:

During this year we completed the first stage to successfully develop a early scheme and financial model. This stage is set out below and has included working with residents, centre users and other stakeholders to:

2021 – We developed an early scheme and financial model and appointed a professional team to move the project forward.  We received support from the Community Led Housing team and also held a number of public meetings and advisory group meetings as well as meetings with other stakeholders. We received support and secured funding from the GLA for the next phase of the work.


2022 – We developed the design and viability of the project and decided that the best delivery route would be to partner with a Housing Association who would bring on board a developer and who would manage the flats once built and leave us to manage the community centre.  We also discussed the project with Newham planning department and submitted two planning pre-applications to the council.  We also held some further community drop in sessions.  We continued to keep our stakeholders updated and started working on amending the leases.  Towards the end of the year we sent out a tender asking for a development partner who was interested in working with us on this project

2023 – We found a development partner and are in the process of formally appointing them.  They are a Housing Association with a similar ethos to us and we believe they will be a good partner and a benefit to the project.  We received some further funding from the GLA and have received confirmation from them that once we are able to move the scheme forward further we will receive some more funding.