Project timeline

We want to hear from you at each stage, so see our community participation pages on events so far and how to get involved.

This is a major project that will go through a number of stages. We have completed the first stage to successfully develop a early scheme and financial model. This stage is set out below and has included working with residents, centre users and other stakeholders to:

The next stage will include deciding how we are going to deliver the project, and submitting a planning application. In order to start that stage, we are working on:

  • Ongoing participation and the setting up of the local groups to work with us.
  • Securing the agreements that we need from other parties to the lease on the Hall
  • Securing funding to help to develop the designs further
  • Looking at delivery options.

We are currently anticipating the submission of a planning application in 2022. If planning permission is granted and following the appointment of a contractor, a start on site could be made in 2023. We currently anticipate the construction programme to be 18 to 24 months. Like any major project, this timeline is uncertain and could change.

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