About us

On this page you can read about the vision, mission, values and objectives of our charity.

Our vision

Our vision is for West Silvertown Foundation to be:

A vibrant, integrated community where ambitions are realised and friendships thrive.

Our mission

The mission we’ve set ourselves is:

Working together to build community and enrich lives through shared opportunities for participation, inclusion, learning, generosity and good health.

Our values

We have four values that we seek to work by, and which underpin everything we do.

We call these our ‘four Cs’. They are:

        • Encouraging Cohesion
        • Embracing Change
        • Enabling Connection
        • Building Confidence

Our objectives

Our objectives can be summarised as:

        • Relieve people in need and hardship
        • Encourage healthy living
        • Advance life-long learning
        • Celebrate the arts and our rich cultural and historic heritage
        • Help to create a vibrant and sustainable social and physical environment

Our documents

Check our Companies House profile for WSF's financial filing history 

Review our policies on safeguarding, health and safety, equal opportunities and data protection.