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Community Pantry

We have recently opened the West Silvertown Community Pantry every Thursday 2:15-4pm. This is a food club, and is different to a food bank. People become members, pay a small amount each week (£3 or £4) and can then shop for the items they want, rather than being given a parcel of food for free. We are part of the Newham Food Alliance and are relying on donations from supermarkets and other food surplus projects such as Community Food Enterprise and the Felix Project.

Due to this, we have not yet been able to secure regular weekly donations, and have been focussing solely on community and organisational referrals from E16.

We want to be able to support people who really will benefit, and therefore if you would like to self-refer or refer someone else to the pantry, registration is open on a Thursday 2:15-4pm in the Britannia Village Hall side building (around the back of the building, opposite Budgens).

We have a fantastic volunteer team but we are also in need of more volunteers, particularly volunteers with cars who would be able to do food donation pick-ups on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays during the day, or Wednesday evening. Please email emily@wsfroyaldocks.org if you are interested in helping!