Faith Groups

Celebrating our diverse community

At West Silvertown Foundation, we love to celebrate with our diverse community! For example, in a typical year, we organise special celebrations for Eid, Diwali and Christmas.

Our Britannia Village Hall is also an ideal venue for regular meetings and a number of faith groups meet there each week.

A few of these are described below.


Royal Docks Community Church

Are you looking for a new church locally? Or simply interested in learning more about the Christian faith?

Royal Docks Community Church is a small, friendly and inclusive group of Christians who meet each Sunday at 5.30pm for an hour or so of worship and teaching. Come along for refreshments and a warm welcome anytime from 5pm onwards.

Muslim men’s prayer group

Are you a looking for a local group to join for Friday prayers?

Our friendly Muslim men’s group has been running in the hall ever since 2013. It meets for Jumu'ah prayers every week from 1pm – 2pm and all Muslim men are very welcome to join.

If you’d like to contact one of the group leaders before coming along for the first time, please email waqqasnawaz@aol.co.uk or call  07886 673 538.