Faith Groups

Celebrating our diverse community

At West Silvertown Foundation, we love to celebrate with our diverse community! For example, in a typical year, we organise special celebrations for Eid, Diwali and Christmas.

Our Britannia Village Hall is also an ideal venue for regular meetings and a number of faith groups meet there each week.

A few of these are described below.


Royal Docks Community Church

Are you looking for a new church locally? Or simply interested in learning more about the Christian faith?

Royal Docks Community Church is a small, friendly and inclusive group of Christians who meet each Sunday at 5.30pm for an hour or so of worship and teaching. Come along for refreshments and a warm welcome anytime from 5pm onwards.

Muslim men’s prayer group

Are you a looking for a local group to join for Friday prayers?

Our friendly Muslim men’s group has been running in the hall ever since 2013. It meets for Jumu'ah prayers every week from 1pm – 2pm and all Muslim men are very welcome to join.

If you’d like to contact one of the group leaders before coming along for the first time, please email waqqasnawaz@aol.co.uk or call  07886 673 538.


Russian Speaking Church

Are you a Russian speaker looking to meet other Christians locally or would you like to learn more about the Christian faith? We are a small, friendly and diverse group of people who share Russian as our first language. We meet at Britannia Village Hall every Sunday at 5pm for an hour or so of informal singing, prayer and Bible teaching. We’d love to see you there!

Приглашаем русскоговорящих, для совместного изучения Библии и духовного общения в дружеской атмосфере.