Meet our Park Runners!

Open to all, Victoria Dock Park Run was started in 2018 by WSF and is open to runners of all abilities!

Meet Aaron

Aaron works as Community Relations Ambassador at London City Airport.

He credits his experience at the youth club for helping him prepare for the world of work.

Meet Grace

Grace is a local mum and a regular at our Zumba classes.

She says they've really helped boost her confidence.

Meet Sam and Lina

Sam and Lina are a young couple who moved to Britannia Village in 2017.

They've been involved with a number of our activities ever since!

Meet Suhaila

Suhaila is a local teenager.

She's been a member of youth club since the beginning of 2018 and is now also a volunteer.

Meet Jayne

Jayne, a local mother of three, has lived in the area for 13 years.

She's been involved in a range of activities over the years, and says they've had a big impact on her life.

Welcome to the West Silvertown Village Community Foundation! Born in 1995, we are a resident-led charity that has been working with you to build an inclusive and healthy community in West Silvertown ever since. In fact, we are the only charity serving the whole community in our area.

Get involved

Our mission is to work together with local people to build community and enrich lives through shared opportunities for participation, inclusion, learning, generosity and good health.

We manage Britannia Village Hall and the Royal Wharf Community Dock the only two community centres in West Silvertown. These are welcoming, accessible and inclusive spaces, open to all!

We’d love to have you get involved, whether you’re...

• A local resident interested in joining one of our regular activities
• An individual or group interested in hiring our great community centre facilities
• Anyone interested in supporting us – through financial giving or volunteering your time
• A local organisation with ideas on how we might partner together
• A local resident already involved with us who wants to give feedback or share an idea!

What's on?

Our Britannia Village Hall community centre is home to a varied and growing programme of activities for local adults, parents with young children, youth and community groups.

This includes a youth club, parent and toddler activities, community meals and celebrations, fitness and wellbeing activities, English classes and almost everything in between! 

There's something for everyone, so why not check out our calendar and come along?

For more information on what's on at the Royal Wharf Community Dock, please go directly to the Dock website.

Hire our facilities

Are you looking for a venue for a family celebration or a space to run exercise classes? Or are you an organisation needing an exhibition space or a meeting room? We can help you to host these activities – and many more. 

Our facilities are available to all for hire at affordable rates. We love to see our local community groups making great use of them!

Support us

We welcome donations, as one-off gifts or regular giving.

Or if you have a little bit of spare time for a good cause, we often need new volunteers.

And we’re always pleased to hear from local groups and organisations with ideas on how we might partner together.

Are you interested in helping your local community? Then please consider supporting us!

Keep in touch - Please sign-up to our mailing list here.

West Silvertown Foundation
West Silvertown Foundation
No Stay & Play for the next two weeks. We'll start up again at the beginning of the summery holidays 20th July #stay&play #under5s #family #parents
West Silvertown Foundation
West Silvertown Foundation
West Silvertown Foundation
Guardians of SLORE - the next Episode is out!!

An interactive game for age 8+
Join Count Silvester of Severndroog Castle for intergalactic travelling, code cracking, puzzles, craft and design challenges.
The twins are stuck and they need our help. After hijacking an alien spaceship and taking off for some intergalactic surfing, they've realised they don't know how to land the vessel!
Can you help?

Current members of the Guardian Circle, click here for your next mission: https://www.tdlp.co.uk/resources/

Our NEW interactive lockdown game for age 8-14
Don’t Panic! If you’ve missed previous episodes.
Click here to sign up : https://mailchi.mp/1b2b54e44f65/tea-d...

Brought to you by
ESCAPE! Escape Room Design for kids
A partnership project produced by @TD4LP and @ModernFablesUK

We are proud to be working with @SeverndroogCastle in Greenwich. Keep an eye on a new TDLP programme of events here including outdoor family walks, parties, concerts and a NEW escape room!
West Silvertown Foundation
West Silvertown Foundation
Get travelling through food
While we all might be staying local, why not explore the world by food. Think of a place you have never been before. Find out what the traditional dish of that place is and what recipes can you find to make it yourself? You might even find a local takeaway that specialises in that particular food.
Read up on some local customs and find out more about the location. Host a special dinner for the people you live with and share facts you have learned. If you are living on your own, maybe there is a TV programme you could watch while eating your dinner, or perhaps have a phone chat with someone to tell them what you’ve found out.