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Would you like to dance your way to fitness? Our Zumba class brings together a blend of Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to help improve your fitness, coordination and shape. These sessions are super fun, motivating and full of friendly like-minded people. They run from 7pm – 8pm on Tuesday evening. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. Only £4 per session. Just turn up, no advance registration needed.

Circuit Training

Do you want to get fit or stay fit in the quickest time possible? Our Jump Start to Fitness circuit training is the perfect way to achieve a total body workout in just an hour each week. Our classes are designed to make sure you hit every muscle group and they combine both high-interval cardio activity with strength training. They run on Wednesday evenings from 7 -8pm. Free or charge, advance registration required for a block of six classes. For more information, contact Lyndon at nosnhojl29@gmail.com

Circuit Training
Pregnancy yoga
Baby yoga


Our adult yoga class runs on Monday mornings from 10-11am. It includes core strengthening and relaxing stretches and is a great way to start your week! There's a small unsupervised play area, so feel free to bring children under 3 years along too. Free of charge, just turn up.


Pregnancy Yoga

Are you pregnant? Join us on Tuesday evening from 7- 8pm. Our pregnancy yoga classes are created to nurture comfort in pregnancy and prepare for an easier childbirth. There’s gentle yoga to balance the body, breathing and relaxations practices, movements to ease common pregnancy ailments and an opportunity to meet other pregnant women. Suitable from 14 weeks before birth. All yoga beginners are welcome! Advance booking required. Read more about prices and how to register


Baby Yoga

Fancy a little fun, song and yoga play? Baby Yoga supports your baby's natural development, nurturing positive feelings and interaction with yoga for baby and gentle postnatal strengthening for mum. Taught over four weeks, our classes focus on baby, creating balance and harmony of the body systems. Wednesday 11am - 12pm. Suitable from 3 months to pre-mobile babies. Yoga beginners are welcome! Advance booking required. Read more about prices and how to register


Are you looking for a fun way to keep fit in a friendly environment? Started in 2018 by WSF and now part of an international network of park runs, the Victoria Dock run is a weekly timed 5km event for runners of all standards, whether for fun or as part of a training plan.

Organised by volunteers, it takes place every Saturday at 9am, starting and finishing at the Crystal Community Hut. Each week, many of us have coffee afterwards so you’re welcome to stay and meet other runners over a cuppa!

Free of charge, just register once before your first run.


Birth Preparation Workshop

Expecting parents, would you like to learn natural techniques to support childbirth? Our empowering and positive workshop teaches how to make birth more manageable and support its progress. It includes relaxation and massage practices, partner support for pain relief, supported postures for labour and birth, physiology of birth, perception of pain and resources for coping. Suitable from 20 weeks before birth. Saturday 10am - 1pm. Advance booking required. Read more about prices and register


Would you like to kick start YOUR weekend? Then why not join this friendly, family-run club dedicated to teaching Shotokan Karate to the very highest standard. Our adult classes take place ON Friday evening from 7.30 – 9pm. We also hold children’s classes from 7.30 – 8.30pm for age six upwards. Our focus is on encouraging and teaching beginners the correct techniques in line with their ability. Just turn up to enjoy your first FREE session. Read more here

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Bollywood Dance

Would you like to have fun and get fit, whilst learning a new skill? Our Bollywood Dance classes are a fun and expressive workout, and we have sessions for women and for children. Just turn up on the day to join in, for only £5 per class!

Women's classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-8pm.

Children's classes are Tuesday 4-5pm for beginners, and 5-6pm for advanced.



What you’re saying...


Pregnancy Yoga:

‘The classes are highly informative, stress-relieving and welcoming... In my pregnancy, I did antenatal courses, hypnobirthing courses and more, but nothing prepared me more for labour and the birth of my baby than these classes!’ Full story from Sonya Shared here


Baby Massage:

‘I wish the baby massage course could last longer… It was a great opportunity to learn how to massage my baby, calm her down, bond even more and also meet other parents… Sky, the teacher, is really sweet, professional and well prepared.’ Full story from Joana Shared here


Baby Yoga: ‘My little one (aged 4-5 months) loved our Baby Yoga classes …She had a big grin on her face throughout... The classes had a great mixture of yoga for babies and gentle postnatal yoga for mothers...’ Full story from Sarah Shared here


Birth Preparation Workshop: 

‘Really useful workshop – a great mix of theory, practical and relaxation. Sky goes into a lot of detail on technical aspects of labour which are missed in the standard hospital provided antenatal classes, such as the interplay of hormones throughout all stages of labour and anatomy of the pelvis and how this changes with movement.’ Full story from Amy Shared here


Grace is a local mother and a regular at our Zumba classes.

Why did you decide to join this activity?

I try to stay active in my daily routine. But after motherhood, this became more difficult and I always craved some personal time to rejuvenate. So I thought to myself, what better way than dancing off those extra calories through Zumba beats, I’ll give it a try!

What do you enjoy about it?

The best part of Zumba is our trainer Fiona. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious! I also really enjoy the variety of the class – in the dance moves, the use of dumb bells, and there’s even belly dancing too!

What difference has it made for you?

A lot! My body appears more toned. My movements are more flexible. Zumba has boosted my overall confidence. I always look forward for Tuesdays and hardly ever miss Fiona’s class.

What would you say to others considering this activity?

Thanks to modern technology, we spend too much time our time on gadgets and it’s really important to take time out and ditch our sedentary lifestyles.  Zumba will really help you do this. So I’d encourage you to come along. You’ll definitely feel more energetic and beautiful inside and out!