West Silvertown Foundation works with many people, delivering a wide range of services and activities. Our aim is to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

However, we know that sometimes we get things wrong and people are not happy with the service they have received from us. This is why we have a complaints procedure. We want people to feel confident that their complaints and concerns are listened to and acted upon promptly and fairly.

Sometimes we are able to put things right, sometimes we can only apologise and explain but we do our best to learn from our mistakes and change how we do things as a result. This is why we welcome your comments and complaints. By taking the time to tell us where we have gone wrong, it gives us the opportunity to improve the charity and our services.

How to make a complaint

Please talk to a member of staff or the manager of the service you are unhappy with. This gives them the chance to put things right quickly and where possible resolve the problem.

If you cannot or do not wish to make a complaint in person, you have the option of emailing or writing to us

CEO (Complaints), West Silvertown Foundation, 65 Evelyn Road, London E16 1TU

Where it is not possible or appropriate to respond informally, or if you are still unhappy, we will follow our complaints procedure.

What you can do to help us deal effectively and quickly with your complaint:

Contact us as soon as possible giving clear details. Specify clearly what aspect of the service you wish to make the complaint about.

Including the following details will help us to effectively and quickly investigate your complaint:

  • The specific area or service to which the complaint applies.
  • Your name and contact details: this is essential as we cannot investigate anonymous complaints.
  • Outline the nature of your complaint as precisely as possible, this will help us to investigate further and hopefully to resolve the issue. Please include details such as the place and time the incident occurred.

Please let us know if you have already reported the complaint, and if any action was taken previously.

We will acknowledge your complaint within five working days and will carry out an investigation. As part of the investigation we may ask to speak to you about the complaint.

The target time for completing the investigation is 28 days, though it sometimes takes longer. If this is the case any delay will be explained.

If your complaint is upheld you will receive a full written apology and, where appropriate, be given details of any action that we are taking to put things right or ensure that the situation does not happen again.

“I am unhappy with the response to my complaint” - how to appeal

If you are unhappy with the response you should write to the Chair of Trustees within 14 days.

Chair of Trustees, West Silvertown Foundation, 65 Evelyn Road, London E16 1TU

Records of all complaints will be kept for at least one year after the complaint is resolved or dealt with. The Chief Executive or senior managers will review complaints files annually to identify trends and ensure appropriate action is taken to achieve ongoing improvements.

You can download a copy of this here