Celebrating the Heart of Our Community: A Tribute to Our Volunteers

In the heart of every thriving #community organization, there is an invaluable resource that cannot be measured in dollars or cents, but rather in the passion, dedication, and love of its #volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of any charity, the unsung heroes who selflessly give their time and energy to make a difference.  

In our very first blog, we celebrate and pay tribute to the incredible #volunteers of West Silvertown Foundation who continue to inspire us with their unwavering commitment. 


Together we can make a difference

 The Diversity of Skills and Talents 

One of the most remarkable aspects of our volunteers is the diverse range of skills and talents they bring to our organization. Whether it’s organizing events, lending a helping hand at day to day activities, or simply being a friendly face at our gatherings, each volunteer plays a vital role in creating a sense of belonging and unity. We have #volunteers who are skilled in mentoring, event planning, ESOL classes, project management, and so much more. This diversity allows our charity to not only address a variety of community needs but also to do so with excellence and creativity. 

Trustees are another integral part of our volunteer network. They provide guidance, leadership, and strategic oversight to ensure the effective operation of our organization. Our board of trustees includes local residents and representatives from voluntary organizations and businesses. We are very grateful for the time, energy, and expertise that our trustees give freely to the charity, its mission, and our community. 

 Building Bridges, Creating Bonds 

Volunteers are the bridge builders, connecting diverse backgrounds and building bonds that strengthen the very fabric of our community. Their dedication has transformed our vision into reality, creating a place where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. It’s your commitment that turns our shared dreams into tangible outcomes. 

Jagriti, Shabd & Grace who helped us with the Diwali celebration

A Few Faces Behind the Impact 

Let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on some of the faces behind the impact: 

Grace & Catherine: Meet our lovely ESOL tutors. They help in planning a unique class every week that keeps the learners engaged. Their teaching style brings everyone together, making learning feel like an exciting adventure. They ensures that their lessons are not only educational but also enjoyable, creating an environment where the students  feel motivated to participate and learn from each other.  

 Sandy: At the heart of our food pantry, Sandy works tirelessly to ensure that every visitor feels welcomed and supported. She efficiently organizes food distribution, ensuring that families receive the assistance they need. Sandy goes above and beyond by personally assisting shoppers with their shopping, offering guidance and support as they navigate through the pantry. 

Susan:  Susan, our pantry volunteer, plays a crucial role in our operations by assisting with food pickups and sorting. Her dedication ensures that shelves are always stocked, allowing us to provide essential support to families in need.  Her hard work and reliability make her an indispensable part of our team.  

 Acknowledging All Our Volunteers 

To all our dedicated #volunteers helping in respective activities and events, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your presence is cherished, and your impact is immeasurable. 

You are the true embodiment of the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Thank you for being that change.